Hi all,

First post on UG for me. I'm getting back into guitar after a 10 year period of stop/start playing (mostly "stop" which would explain why I'm still basically a beginner!). Been playing only accoustic for the last few months and I'm looking to get a new electric guitar and amp.

In terms of the amp, I haven't tried any out in the stores yet but based on some net research the Fender SUper Champ XD is probably at the top of the shortlist at the moment.

My question relates to some reviews I've read which suggest that humbuckers are not ideal for this amp as the cleans start to break up at a fairly low volume setting, while single coils will keep cleans at higher volumes.

Just wanted to know if anyone can help confirm/deny this? And if so, is it much of a problem or is it still workable? I suppose I just want some versatility for the guitar choice and don't want to have to limit myself to single coil options only.

If it's any help I will be using the amp at home and also for small jam sessions with a drummer and other guitarist, so as long as the cleans can be heard with the drummer it would be fine.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I bought the amp yesterday. Everything that has been said on the internet is true! GREAT AMP!

I play with an Epiphone Les Paul Junior which has a P-90 pick-up and it sounds great. The amp is very quiet. A P-90 is not a humbucker so I don't know actually...

EDIT: I forgot I tried a Epiphone SG at the shop, which had 3 humbuckers and it sounded great so I think you shouldn't worry. If you have the chance, go try it out at a store.
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