Hey all, I'm currently working for a month or so until I head to university, by which time I should earn roughly £1500 or so. I really want to get into as many bands as I can when I head to uni, and so it would be good to have a amp worthy of gigging if I find one willing to take me. I currently play a Gibson SG standard with all the stock pickups and that, into a line 6 guitarport (I practice through my computer cos my no name solid state is dying from playing bass through it). So it would be cool to hear my guitar through a proper tube amp.

I play a lot of Muse, so I'm presuming a mid to high gain amp would do the trick? I've set some of my budget aside for pedals, but if you can suggest any amps that would achieve a similar sound then obviously I can siphon some of the pedal budget towards the amp. I suppose if I had to define a particular sound I was looking for it would just be a straight up modern rock sound suitable for both chords and riffs. I also play Billy Talent, some punk etc. I play a few bits of metal here and there for practice, but I doubt I would play any of it in a live situation so it's not really a necessity. Good cleans are also something I'm looking for, as well as footswitchabe channels, perhaps 3? (Clean/Light overdrive/Overdrive+Distortion).

Of course if you know any pickup combo's that might work with a particular amp for the sound I'm looking for then I'm all ears. I suppose my budget is £400-£1000 (maybe slightly over). I'm keeping an open mind. :P

(Summary for people who didn't want to read my essay)
- First tube amp, gigging ability preferable
- Plays Muse, modern rock, Billy Talent etc.
-Goods cleans and footswitchable channels
-Budget £400-£1000

Cheers guys. I got an Ashdown Electric Blue from a recommendation from here and I love it.

Edit: Oh, and does anyone have any experience with the Akai G Drive? I'm looking into that to shape the various distortion tones Bellamy uses.
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Deizel VH4 (too expensive - look used? IIRC Muse use them)
Marshall JVM (check out the combo)
Laney VH
Also check out ENGL.

These amps might be worth a look, but there are many more worth checking.
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Laneys are definitely recommended if you live in the UK where the price is just awesome for them.

I have a VC50 which is the 50 watt combo version of the VH100r, and it's an awesome amp for practically everything imo, it's got a clean channel and a distortion channel, both with separate eq's and master volumes. Also both channels have got separate drive boosts, the clean channel having a really nice blues breakup with the drive enabled, coming up to ac/dc levels of gain. The distortion channel with the boost is just mean, easily enough gain for just about anything, and if that's not enough you just plug in your favorite overdrive pedal as a booster.
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Cheers guys, I am looking at them as we speak. I indeed looked at Diezels from looking at Musewiki but I think they're probably a little out of my price range. :P
The Marshalls, Laney and Engls all look good, might pop down to Guitar Amp Keyboard sometime soon and try them out.

Any other advice would be appreciated, maybe a secret amp manufacturer tucked away in the heart of Sussex or something...
Well. I'm selling my Mesa Boogie Mark III right now. 60W 3 channel. cleans are great and distortion is awesome. I would ship to th UK. Make Me an offer if you are interested.

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Would an attenuator be a good investment if I got a slightly more powerful amp?