I dont really know what genre you would consider this. You tell me. Its rock based.

Any comments on how to make the drum line better would be appreciated. I am no drummer by anymeans and struggle with fitting drum beats togeather sometimes. Also feel free to comment on anything else. Good or bad. I am looking to improve and your input helps out.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you enjoyed it.


new files up 8/17/2008
New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
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2 things:
1) This should go in Original Recordings
2) If you put up a midi file as well, everyone w/o guitar pro could listen to it too

i'm not trying to be a dick or anything, but those things would help you get more input.
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Quote by sixstringsteve
2 things:
1) This should go in Original Recordings

no, it should stay here.....

alright, this definitely wasn't what I expected. You've got some interesting leads. It seems all over the place to tell the truth even though it's quite basic. You've got some "happy" guitar parts followed by some "creepy" parts followed by something else etc. etc. it just didn't seem too focused on an emotion which bothered me. other than that, it seemed okay. sometimes it seemed rushed but overall this piece has potential.

drums were fine by the way.
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I don't know why sixstringsteve said it should go in original recordings. It belongs here.

Anyway on to the song.

First off, your tempo is wrong. You almost never see songs at 250bpm, there's no reason for it. Your songs tempo should be half of what it actually is (125). The drums would be a lot easier to figure out that way.

On to the drums. They weren't actually too bad, you should make some use of the hi-hat though. I would do either one of two things. One) Have the Open hi-hat or one of the ride cymbals playing on beats 1 & 3 of each bar. Or you could have a closed hi-hat hit on each individual beat. In any case the use of cymbals are really an integral part of the drums, and having only one hit per bar really leaves a big gap in the drums overall sound.

Next, the volumes are a bit wacky, the drums and bass are really loud and the guitars are really quiet. The guitars need to be louder. Also I would suggest slightly panning each guitar in opposite directions. It'll really help separate the lead from rhythm.

As for the song itself. It's simple, but there are a lot of good ideas in there. You've got a lot of really good lead parts, but they generally feel unfinished. You often will start these lead lines that end abruptly, and kind of hang unresolved.

The rhythm parts are good and catchy, but they're also all over the place. I think it would drastically improve your song if you were to break it down into a verse/chorus/bridge/whatever instead of just randomly throwing changes and alterations in.

I know I've just tossed out a lot of crit, but don't let that discourage you. I do think a ton of work is needed on this song, but it's really got the potential to be a fantastic piece of music too.

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I edited.
Levels were jacked up because I was listening to the bass line and drums and then forgot to put them back lol. whoops.
Anyways, I added some stuff and its changing slowly.

This song still needs to be expanded. I agree with you all when you say that its clustered togeather. It needs to be expanded and flushed out to full length for sure.

Thanks for the comments so far. Any more that you all have to offer would be great.