i need a good solo. i am writting my own song and it needs a good ending.
please send me tab of one if you could
- nick
its not as simple as that nick, the solo has to fit the song, and so it has to work around the scale of the songs key.. what key is your song in? i always find the easiest way to write a solo is to sing a melody over the rhythm, tab it, and throw more notes in there
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Lol, ill be the first to tell you to grow a pair sonny.

Figure it out your self you cheeky hippo, (ive been warned before for swearing and abuse:P), if you're writing a song, surely its a personal thing in the first place? you wont find anyone willing to write for you, that wont atleast get credit, and even then it wont be brilliant because one mans interpretation varies differently from another.