Don't know about the Zoom. but the XT Live rocks.
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^ on the other hand, i dont know about the Line 6 but the Zoom is great. i've tried it more than once and i love it. if only i had the money.
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hmm this is interesting
The thing is I'm buying online and i cant try either of them, and I don't wanna waste all my money on a piece of crap
The Zoom's 'Z-Pedal' looks pretty sweet; as well as its tube energizers, but I've heard mixed opinions about the quality of the effects, (Some say they're great, some don't like them) I reckon the Zoom looks sexier as well
As with the Line 6, its based on the PodXT, (the Pods get alot of praise around here, yes?) and I've seen it been recommended heaps of times (along with the X3 Live) as a quality pedal.