I bought some new strings about a week ago (D addario .10 - .42) and last night my low E string just broke on me, then to make it even worse, just now my high e snapped . I cannot buy new strings today because its a Sunday..of all days! I'm worried about the tension on the neck because its been left overnight without the low E and now will be left another day and night without a low E and a high e. Do you think it will be OK until tomorrow?
just NEVER buy D'addario strings, i had the same problem, my high E broke first, and after that my A string broke :S
i always use daddario strings and i never ever have broken any string that had less than 3 months of use.
dont worry about the neck. its a guitar, the tension is not that much, now with bass its a diferent story
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do you have any guitar centers around? The one near me is open on sundays.
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its just that time of the year
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i used to use them, but they always seem to break on me (however i have yet to break a low E, an A, or a D) so i switched back to using ernie balls.
I find D'Addario strings last much longer than Ernie Ball strings, but lack the brightness.

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My last set of D'addarios where great. i suppose i just got a bad pack. ill still buy D'darrios, but if this happens again....
I have some ddarrios break but only after a few weeks of playing. Been pretty good strings. But its always good to have an extra set or 2 of strings around for these kinds of things. Never sure why people have 1 set of strings the set on their guitar.
I use those strings ^ and strings at my guitar shop are about the same as $12 a set and at the time i didn't want to spend so much.
i have never broken a Daddario string. i love them.
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