Hey any TG readers out there? Well if ure not then subscribe...its awsome!

ne way im trying to learn this new newton faulkner song which has been published in TG in the Newton Faulkner section but its split in two issues

if anyone has the first issue with a newton section could you mayb tab it? its an awsome song but isnt titled yet (still work in progress for the new album)
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It's not a great magazine, and our tabs are usually better.

Yes... The tabs aren't that great, rubbish articles really, and they only seem to cover 'popular' bands... Occasionally they have some good sections, but I stopped bothering with it...
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I gave up with it; Guitar Techniques is infintely better if you actually want to improve your playing rather than just learn covers.
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ure tabs are better? now thats bull.....hardly any are perfect, but magazine opinions aside....can anyone help me out
There's a thread on this in the pit.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I get Guitar World. Mainly because it's cheap.
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If I see an interview with a guitarist I really like, or there's something good free with it, I'll get it.

Sometimes the backing tracks you get aren't horrible either.
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i bought it when it had some sabbath backingtracks, they were great. didnt care to much about the articles :P
They think every guitar is brilliant, giving them at least a 4/5. Very odd.

I mean, is a reaallly low end BC Rich honestly better than a Hofner that plays acely?

You decide.
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TG is probably the worst guitar magazine I've ever read. The gear reviews and interviews aren't nearly as good as guitarist and the sections on playing come nothing close to guitar techniques. On topic posting a recently published article would breach future (the magazine publishers) rules on copyright and would be highly illegal.

And before someone says that UG's tabs are illegal it is completly different.
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Finally people agree with me i bought it for the first time last month, and it was bloody awful, it was just really boring, the only interesting thing was a mini article about this guy who plays a blackmachine 8 string and the rest was crap. it did come with those stupid player card things in which i got pretty much every guitarist anyones heard of haha, also the one i have had the newton faulkner thing init too, isit the one with alexi on the front ?