I'm trying to refine my legato so does anyone know some songs I can start off with to practice my legato?

Legato that's not too hard but still challenging in a sense.
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umm...idk what genres you are into but pretty much any Pantera song uses a LOT of legato....thats what i used to refine my legato
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joe satriani.


A lot of Paul Gilbert stuff as well, it will help you get your legato and picking combinations together well.
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another thing that useful for legato practice is to do some chromatic patterns without picking. Jazz typically contains quite alot of chromatic patterns
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Not Of This Earth - Joe Satriani.


this song is like welcome to legato-land
watch jason becker`s live solo video in japan 1989..
he does a sweet legato run ,while playing a yo yo with his right hand.
there`s a power tab of this around the net somewhere...
by the way it`s really really fast.. but becker makes perfect (or insane :P )
I found that doing wide stretch legato licks beneficial for my legato.. I don't know why but you might like it.. try this one out..

e                                      12 15 17
G                    12 14 17
A 12  15  17

Its a basic Am7 string skipping lick. Do it up and down the fret board w/ different chords. Its really really helpful. Also 3nps pentatonic runs are helpful
One of the things I like to do that promotes finger independence (which is really important to good legato technique) is 3nps runs with alternating fingerings. Something like this pattern, which I find to be helpful:


That's a start, you can find a zillion different patterns. For songs, try Satch as suggested, or Vinnie Moore's "Meltdown", which has some cool fast legato licks.
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^ Thats a great idea


I just came up with it one day while noodling and thought it would be a good exercise, glad somebody else likes it.