Hey. My band, Machiavellian Conquest, is looking for a drummer and vocalist. We play something in the vein of Megadeth-ish groove metal, but nothing is set in stone as we are still trying to hammer out exactly where we want to go with things. In the vocals department we're looking for something melodic and clean. As far as drums go, there's no stand-out skill we're looking for.

We have a lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, and bassist and we all live in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

Here's a recording we did a few weeks back. I know the quality isn't too good, but that's because it was taken on a crappy, little digital camera.

i play lead guitar and im influenced by tons of differnet stuff and i live in owings mills if your interested
Right now we only need a drummer and vocalist. And also, Owings Mills is way too far to drive. It's probably bordering on an hour.
I'm a Drummer who lives in clarksburg, MD (montgomery county, This is probobly to far a drive). To start out idk if I would be able to do anything because i turn 16 on 10/27 however i have been playing drums for about a year and a half. I own a 9 piece pearl drum set with double bass. In addition i have played guitar and bass for around half a year. My biggest idols are Disturbed, Tool, and Megadeth.