Has anybody seen or heard of second hand Ibanez Steve Vai JEM7V (White) going cheap? i've looked everywhere and even the lower quality one's are over a grand! new one's are between 1400 and 1750 pounds!!

has anyone in UG played or owned one? if i have to pay the big bucks is it worth it or is there an alternative?

thanks all
have you tried ebay?
ebay always sells those for good prices..
i've seen them go for about 800
if you live in london, there's a shop on denmark street with one in
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thanks guys. i'm not far from london so i'll check denmark st out. attempts at ebay had me disappointed with postage costs! 100quid in some cases!
depending on the model / year.

you have to keep in mind its steve vai's sig guitar, it shouldn't depreciate in value that much unless its trashed or fake. By the way, there are a lot of fake jem's out there going for a lil less than 500 pounds, which is somewhere around 800 bucks in CDN.

I bought a second hand Jem7v 2006 for $1700, and even then its worth it. The sound is perfect and its worth it for the slick golden hardware not found in even more expensive guitars like the SG and other LP's (brand new). Of course, i'm just comparing apples to oranges, everyone knows LP's are at a diff level.

They sell them at a shop local to me for £500-£700 / $1000-$1400

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