Well I guess I've got a new hobby. I go on youtube band videos I don't like and write something insulting, and try to provoke someone into a match of wits. Of course, this being Youtube, the wits are hard to find.
Anyway, I've written a couple of my little youtube wars down and was wondering if anyone else wanted to share some good ones.
And yes, it's very childish, but I find it fun!

Static X - The Only
babyxxgrunger: I don't like heavy metal so much, and so I don't like any of Static-X's other songs other than this one, which is one of
my favorites.. my 6 year old brother however loves this band and all of their songs (Y) Thankyou for adding this video X

Me: That's weird, if you don't like heavy metal you should find Static X's "music" orgasmic. If I was gay and didn't like metal
I'm sure I'd love this band. Maybe you should give your 6 year old brother some real music to listen to before he becomes gay
just like all of the other fans of this band.

honestbollocks: **** you faggot, Static X ****IN RULE!

norainuzaiten: Congratulations you are the Lucky One Millions idiot I have seen on the internet This month, and you have won...
The knowledge of knowing that no one cares what you think.
Thank you and play again some time ****er

Me: Unless you have a mirror where your monitor should be, I doubt you've seen "one millions" idiots on the internet this month.

Norainuzaiten: Pleasah2kill (me) your stupidity counts as a Million alone

Me: If my stupidity counts as "a million" then so does my opinion of you.

NorainuZaiten, you're a faggot.

See, I guess by your own logic one million people think you're a faggot. Congrats on the comeback.


fattsanta: Wow you just ****in Trashed that guy nice job

Me: No problemo

MindOfANomad: STFU you piece of ****. Take your ass back to your Jonas Borthers Fanclub website.

echutt3r: dude clever but ur a fag

NorainuZaiten: Pleasah2kill you are clearly have a need to go online and make post's that are negative in online Web sites, beacuse
most likely no one pas any attention to you in Real life, meaning you are ether the Outcast at school or you simply live in another
persons Shadow.

The fact that i got you to Start using Derogative terms in only two reply s shows your immaturity, to please try to think of some
other derogative terms, maybe Curse in your next reply, that seems your type

Me: Hahaha, I'm getting a psychological evaluation from someone who's idea of a mature comeback is "your stupidity counts as a
million"? This should be good.
Well, you're right I do go online and make negative posts on websites. I wonder how you figured that one out?
And nahhh, I wouldn't curse at you NormaZaiten. That would be too immature to do in front of all these intellectuals here
listening to Static X----hahahahaha sorry I can't keep a straight face.


Calvalicious: no that comeback was clever. did you think that up yourself? your like a 3rd grader. he just means your a million
times more retarded than other people and your comment just proved that. YOU: Well if im really stupid that means im really
smart, Right? IDIOT

Me: Calvalicious, I guess I have to ask you for a little help, ok? I see that you can understand the language of a moron better
than I can, so from now on please translate NorainuZaiten's posts for me! It'd be a big help. I'll piece the rest together,
since it looks like logic isn't a strong point of yours.

Norma Jean (on Last.fm)

Me: I remember when it used to be a requirement to actually learn to play guitar before forming a band. Times have changed.
I'm pretty sure Norma Jean were around in 1888, though, it would explain why Van Gough cut off his own ear.

Surfaced: the anti mother takes time to digest.

Me: It's funny you should mention bodily functions when talking about the Anti Mother, Surfaced, because I can think of quite
a few bodily functions that sound like the "music" on that CD.

05061985: Light that fuse, back up three steps and bite down on that bullet.

Me: Put that gun in your mouth, pull that trigger and rid the world of a useless faggot with no taste in music.

Jack Johnson - Upside Down

Me: Jack Johnson does to music what Catholic priests do to altar boys; he molests the **** out of it.

rw1671: Thats a bit heavy isnt it??

Me: Shut up, hippy.

Norma Jean - Memphis Will be Laid to Waste

Me: Does anyone know these guys's address? I'd like to send them a guitar tuner.

madfootballskills: why u gotta be hating on em?

Me: I don't know madfootballskills, but it might have something to do with the fact that they suck.

There are probably more to come, please post some of your own!
And I know I'm being a dick, but it's all for fun!
I've had Alzheimer's Disease for as long as I can remember.

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Pleasure2kill, you are a genius!
You know your being a dick. Excellent, thats the first step, knowing it.

Why attempt to piss others off for fun?
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Haha! You are awesome Bucketbotman!! Lolz!!



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By the looks of it you were getting shot down at every point but must be too retarded to release it and thought you werte 'winning' the argument.