I have a decent computer, 3GB of memory, large amounts of space on the hard drive, but sometimes when I'm recording/playing drums in EZDrummer, in reaper, it randomly slows down, makes the audio choppy, and slows me down.

Is this just a computer issue?
whats ur processor? sounds like ur pc cant handle the plugin
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Whatever that means, idk, it runs smoothly for like 2-3 minutes at a time, then it just randomly slows for a 1-2 seconds.
if you have windows update set to auto change it so its not scanning your HD and downloading.

This should keep your PC speed up. Also what GHz is your processor running at?
you can check it in Task manager or by checking your "My Computer" properties.

It does sound like your processor is slowing down for some reason but it could also be a slow hard drive. I run 7200 RPMs and that's what I suggest people use when building a PC.
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Your processor is most likely not the issue at all. I run EZdrummer on a single core Athlon 3000+ from yesteryear without a glitch.
Yeah I figured it out somehow, just installed the newest version of Reaper, fixed it I guess.

Thanks for the advice though :]