I can't get my volume knob over 4 (not 4 o'clock, just 4) without a lot of screeching feedback.

Is there a way to get up to 5 and beyond without high pitch, glass shattering feedback?

As in some effect I need, or some ancient chinese guitar amp secret I haven't yet learned?

Or does my amp just suck that much?

both my amps (the ghetto Squier Sp-10 and the Peavey Bandit) do the same thing.

thanks in advance.
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The high-pitched noise is called feedback, it is caused by the pick-ups picking up on the noise produced by the amp... Standing further from amp helps to reduce feeback, there are also stompboxes that redude the feedback.

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Stand farther away from your amp and dont have your guitar facing the speaker. Less gain helps to. You could also try lowering your pickups a tad also.
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What kind of guitar and pickups do you have?
that plays a big role too,
cheap $99 guitar most likely = severe hum/feedback from poor grounding...
... dont face your amp
i have a peavey transtube like the one you speak of, but i also have a randall rg 200... feedback is always a problem with the compression sustianer and master volume on 10
just gotta keep on playing...
i use a volume pedal too to kill the noise when im not playing...
Try these

Gain down, volume up

Invest in a good noise gate

Stand further away