Well, i'm going to start a project on a guitar i've just bought. I paid £50 for the guitar, an amp lead, two straps and a fully padded gigbag. Cracking deal, and they're all decent!

Heres the guitar;

I plan on doing this;
New pickups
Have push/pull pots for switching between single coil and full humbucking on both pickups
New tone/volume caps/head/buttons or whatever. Some plain chrome things
Sand paint off - As far as this goes, im gonna see what the wood actually is/looks like and then decide if i like it as plain wood, which is a look i like, or paint it white. Would i use arctic or olympic white? Not sure.

Some possible things;
A novelty-type pickguard such as this -

Upgrade tuning heads and add schaller straplocks
Buy a proper Gibson branded truss rod cover so it looks real

So heres the questions for you guys.
1. After sanding down, if i like the wood grain, what do i use to cover it? I assume some sort of lacquer (sp)?
2. What do you think of the novelty pickguard and the Gibson truss rod cover?
3. What can i use for the push/pull pot idea and would someone please provide a wiring diagram?
4. Which colour could i use for the re-paint? I would want it white. A brightish white, but nothing too shiny or whatever.
5. When/if i come to repaint, what do i do about the neck? I'm not even sure if its a bolt on or a set neck so how do i protect it from the paint? The fingerboard i mean.

Thanks a lot in advance UG!
1.-- i really dont know.
2.- they might look nice, but i think that if your guitar is a bolt on it will just look fake
3.- http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=2h_1v_1t_3w_2pp
or what you want: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/
4.- IDK
5.- you can separat it from the bolts or just cover it with paper and tape

Well for #2, I like the pin up idea. Usually I've seen them with the hollow body rockabilly types, but I'd say a scantly clad woman goes with all! For #5, I haven't painted a guitar, but I've done a lot of painting, and I know you'd want to use the "painters" tape-- which kinda looks like masking tape, but it's different. Don't use masking tape, the paint will kinda seep through the edges and such. I believe the kind I have is duck brand tape (it has a duck on it), it's usually like a blue or purple color. If you look at other builds you'll see people have the tape on the certain parts.
So i'd just cover the fretboard in painters tape? That wont leave a nasty feel or damage the wood will it?

I have another question too lol.
Should i paint the neck? OR leave it sanded?

I dont plan on sanding/painting the headstock. I'm not sure yet. Opinions on that too please guys
Yeah, it wont leave a nasty feel because that's what it's used for, putting it on walls and such (anything being painted on). Also about the truss rod cover, you want it just because it says gibson on it? Personally I'd say that's a just a bit of a waste of a few bucks, but of course that's your call.
Any answer to the lacquer question?

I might start sanding down tomorrow, and just want to know what i need and when+how to use it.
Well if you dig around in the "ULTIMATE REFINISHING THREAD!" it should tell you how to do it, and what to use. It breaks it down to separate sections too, so it should be easy to find. It's stickied and in all caps, so you can't miss it.
I would not strip all the paint off of it.

Two reasons: They usually put solid colors on the ugly grained woods. Seems like 75% of the time or more when you strip it down, you just want to repaint it anyway.

Second reason: If you just rough sand to like 400 grit, then you can spray right over whats already on the body, and the new paint will go on smooth and doesn't require stuff like grain filer, sealer, primer, etc... you get the idea?
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Ah, two good points there zeroyon.

A lot of contemplation here, i think i would like it white tbh. I'll be getting a nice lite ash natural strat at some point so that might satisfy my wood grain taste haha.

So far a few things i've decided;
Forgetting the Gibson truss rod cover.
Defo getting new pickups and push pull pots.
Sanding down and painting white. The whole thing
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Ok thanks a lot Merdesa.

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Did you find the thing you needed though?
Quote by Merdesa
I didn't mean it in a rude way, unless you're referring to the post under me... which was about another post that was deleted... now I look like the bad guy

Did you find the thing you needed though?

yeah sorry bout that....that guy was an ass

anyway....dont fully sand, just scuff the current paint and spray over it. it works and it saves a lot of time

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Ahh, my bad didnt read it correctly.

Well, thanks very much for this guys. I've been playing it a hell of a lot since i got it, and honestly it sounds brilliant. The pickups are nice as they are, its got a really nice tone.

I'd be happy or at least satisfied for any guitar for £50, but with this i am very, VERY happy
there's an easy way to tell if it's a bolt on neck - there'll be 3 or four large screw heads where the neck meets the body.
Yes jim, thanks.

At the time of posting the guitar was downstairs and i really couldn't be arsed going down to check lol.

Ok, so heres another question. As far as the push/pull thing goes, can ANY humbucker be split into single?

I found wiring diagram as i think its the one i need. But, im not sure how i want it. Should i have two push pulls? As in, both of them being the volume controls, and each push pull controls its own pickup?

Or should it be the tone control like in the diagram?
I'm gonna take a pick of the inside of the guitar if that will help you guys.

God i'm **** with wiring. At least i can do neat soldering :P