ive been learning drifting by andy mckee and ive looked around for other songs by various artists from this similar genre and was interested if anybody could help me out by telling me some songs here on UG i could use to practice.

ps. what genre is this called
"Drifting" is a pretty special song, but well... I guess it remains part of a generalization called fingerstyle. Like... Modern fingerstyle.

Maybe you should try looking into the music of Michael Hedges, Don Ross, Billy McLaughlin, Preston Reed, Tommy Emmanuel, Antoine Dufour, Erick Turnbull, etc

As for songs...
I took on this one right after I'd learned "Drifting"
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I was trolling the net for some guitar stuff when I chanced upon an Andy McKee video (he's playing a song). He's definitely a finger-style guitarist, but I don't have any immediate suggestions for you. I just wanted to remark at the synchronicity of seeing a McKee vid, then seeing this request for more of his music!