Alright so I downloaded a South Park episode, it's mp4 format. well after it was done I played it and it was in Quicktime. Well I go to find the file to put in my iTunes but it was no where to be found. I can play it through Limewire, at the bottom where it says its done downloading I hit launch and it plays. I hit explore and it just opens up the video and plays it with Quicktime. Well I go to my library and it says no videos were downloaded.. Anyone have any ideas?

Oh and sorry for wall of text.
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Well computers come with this handy feature called search.

There's an outside chance, but it might find it.
Did you check your check in your closet? Sometimes I lose stuff in mine, its so not extreme.
Don't use limewire!!

If you wanna pirate stuff, there is a better way


check those two sites out =]
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Don't use limewire!!

Forget that, don't use Itunes!
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utorrent is complicated as hell. I searched for it but no results.. fekkin strange. I guess I'm gonna have to give utorrent a try.
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