Ok this is my last question. I went to GC yesterday and tested out the Vox XL 30 watt, and I love it. I'm selling my Spider II and Digitech RPA300 to pay for it. After everything sells and I buy the amp, I'll be left with around $85.

Now my question is, what would be a good pedal for me to buy? The amp already has some effects built in, but I want a little something...extra. Would an EQ pedal be worth an investment? I'm really trying to get a good metal tone out of this amp, and a hard rock and punk tone when I want it. So if I can get some suggestions on some good pedals, I'd really appreciate it.
You shouldn't NEED pedals if the amp is good enough, but if the Vox has an FX loop, then yes, go for an EQ.
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yes, it's pretty decent...
i own one and it does the job quite well...

just don't hammer it into the ground when you step on it...
it's made of plastic...