I liked the intro, especially with what sounded like some volume swells or just delay in general that the lead guitars playing. The vocals actually weren't that bad, they seemed to fit the music pretty well, also you have really good quality which helps. I liked the solo that came up at around 1:27, maybe make it a bit louder in the mix though, it gets a bit more difficult to hear towards the end of it. I normally wouldn't listen to this style of music, but this really wasn't bad at all, everything seemed to fit together very well. Good job.

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Sorry for the late crit, I did not realize you had reviewed my songs until just now. First off, the volume swells (thank you dude who posted above me) in the beginning sounded like a record being played backward or something of that nature. Great vocals, I like the slow mellow feel of this song. I think the volume levels are at good levels, nothing is overpowering anything else. The ending caught me off guard though, I did not expect it to end suddenly like that, a little too abrupt in my opinion. All around good song though if you are into music like this.
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Hah, you're right. The lead track on the volume swells is actually a reversed guitar solo. Thanks for the crits guys. Glad yall liked it.