i was thinking , you all know American Idol and all those singing contests on tv.
but what if there was a same show , but not for the best singer but the best guitarist!! (not like 'Guitar Idol from youtube')
and it's exactly the same; everyone can go, just bring a guitar and go in the room in front of a jury. there will be different amps and such.
and i'm pretty sure there would be bloopers like with 'Idol' .
where people think they can play, but they really suck
and when you're past the 1st and second round and all, you'll have to show your techniques. All different categories : sweeping, tapping, acoustic,best cover, most emotional song, best shredder, .....
and then for the final 5 the people at home can vote for you.
you play a instrumental song and try to impress the crowd.
what are your thoughts? would you watch this?
i could've sworn the exact same thread popped up a week ago......
And no.
I would watch that. I would just feel really bad knowing I'm not as good as 99% of the people on the show.
NO! Didn't you do this recently? Its a terrible idea. But if you want to watch a bunch of douches getting together and masturbating their egos, fine.
We had a thread like this a bunch of weeks ago.

Results: Fail

Would be too much competition instead of "playing"
Would be a good comercial product
Doesn't encourage people to play for theirself

Waste of time in my opinion
(noticed how I didnt use the acronym "IMO"? Yeah, I'm a rebel)
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No and this thread has been done several times.
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didn't see this thread was already done
oh i see this isn't such a good idea for most of you
I probably wouldn't watch it, unless people like Cesar Huesca, Matt Rach and Alejandro Regal were on it.
I may try out, just for funzies if it were near me.
No this would be terrible.

but I would watch it. Wouldn't enter though.
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