So, which one will offer the most effects and the most variety in effects? I've researched both, but is the extra 45 bucks for the Roland Cube worth it or not? I will not be playing in a band or rehearsing either, just in my room. I am looking for anything from a clean sound to metal and rock.
^both amps would work. The cube has better metal type FX but I think the Vox has better overall tone. If you are playing at low volume then you will probably be better off with the cube.
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Out of both of those, I prefer the Vox, hence why a year ago I had bought it instead of a Cube. It can do metal pretty well, and rock no problem. The built-in FX are great too, and their is quite a variety of effects. If possible though, go out and try them both, they're both great value for money amps.