It's Windows XP...

My comp is being really lame and I need to work in safe mode to see if this works.

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tap f8 as fast as you can while its starting up
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hit f8 when it's starting up to go in the boot menu then select safe mode.
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or turn it off without using the "shut down" option, when you turn it back on it should have a screen which you choose how you want to run windows

dont use this method. its rough on the hard drive and other various components. but primarily the hard drive.
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^That can't be good...I've done that tons of times.

So when I started in safe mode is still didn't work...

the problem:
I start it up and log on...my desktop shows but no icons, I can't do anything, it's just my desktop background. I went to safe mode and it just says safe mode in the corners and is black screen.

What does this mean?
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell