im seeing in getting a new pick up, its a humbucker,(single coil) but it wired like this:
"It's wired with four conductors, so just add a push-pull pot and you can instantly go from humbucker to single coil without adding any holes to your prized Strat."
my question is how can i wire this to my strat (three single coils) if i want it to replace the bridge position pup and do i need to install a 500k pot?
Depends on which humbucker sized single you are looking at. Different companies use different color coding and how hot the pickup is changes things too. So which pickup is it you are looking at?
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I don't know what their color coding is but I can tell you that 2 of the wires need to be soldered together and taped, 1 will be wired to your switch, the other will be soldered to the back of your volume pot.

You don't need a 500K pot for that pickup. It'll probably sound best with a 250K.
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