Yeah, so currently I play with this free Fender Frontman Reverb I found in my flat which is great and all but it hasn't exactly been kept in great condition and it tends to develop buzz every so often.

Anyway, I was thinking of getting a new amp to practice with, can't be anything too big since I'll probably be lugging it around and playing in a flat with four other people (so headphone out would be nice). At the moment I'm either going for a Roland Cube 30X or the Orange Crush 30R. The Cube has that built-in tuner and those effects although I'm not too bothered with them. Also they're within my budget of ~£120.

Other suggestions would be welcome of course. My friend suggested a Laney LC-15R but it's a bit too pricey just now.

Oh yeah, the stuff I play.. either very clean/reverby or fuzzy Muse/Silversun Pickups etc. Again a pedal can sort fuzz/distortion out so all I want is a good amp for my money.
if you could stretch to the Laney thatd be cool and itd last you much longer than some SS junk

the cleans are limited for a tube amp, but theyll still be better than any SS rivals and the distortion would be much better
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
go for the cube or a valvetronix because in ur flat u wont be able to crank a 15 watt tube
Arright, I think I'll go for the cube. When I earn some cash working I'll probably be able to afford the Laney.
Oh I will be saving up for a good tube amp. In fact I've got cash saved up, I just don't think I'm a good enough player to deserve it yet :P