now I did some revisions to my old song "song_02" and I gave it a real name.
I think you will enjoy this, I still have some work to do on it, but I want to know
If I'm going in the right direction.


I added a few more arpeggios were there were boring scales so its a little more intense this time.

also feel free to listen to my other song "Anon"- sort of an acoustic then electric Malmsteen style neoclassic solo.
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The Epic - The beginning was a little awkward, it just didn't seem to fit the rhythm, but gets better when the arpeggios come in. To me it sounded a bit cluttered but I think thats more because of mixing, just turn the rhythm down in the mix and the lead up and that should fix that. Towards the end it sounds like the rhythms trying to do more of a lead and the leads going over that, its almost like too much is going on at once. The main thing I saw was your rhythm wasn't really straightforward, it was almost a lead in itself which made it more of a confusing sound.

Anon - The rhythm seemed a bit messy in the intro when you played it, it might be intentional.. I'm not really sure. The solo itself is good for the most part, but to me it doesn't fit the rhythm at all, you also stopped playing the rhythm during one part of the solo and that sounded really awkward to me. The riff at 1:50 til the end is good though, you might want to consider that as the rhythm under the solo instead.

C4C? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=936402

Technically there is no rhythm just lead, I am going to redo the whole song. and there I will
make it all clear.
but thanks for your post.