I heard active pickups through a solid state amp is total ****? Why is this? Is it seriously that bad?
I don't believe in signatures. Ah, sh...
It's not bad. You just won't hear a big big change in tone through an SS amp.
Active pickups give the impression of driving an amp harder, and solid-state clipping (distortion) sounds like crap so you're that much closer to sounding like crap because you took a bite out of your headroom.
Also, a lot of people here (myself included) hold a natural dislike for active pickups. You don't need them and a quality set of passive pickups can get you the same tones. Plus the active pickups won't sound the way you expect unless you have a nice high-gain amp (mesa, high-end marshall, etc.).
I steer clear of actives and never touch my amp (which is an OLD ss) anymore (all acoustic until I upgrade my gear), so I can't verify it, but that's my best guess.
The output of Active humbuckers helps drive tube amps more, while the output from actives thru a SS amp drives the power amp too hard, and SS clipping like that sounds bad.
i've heard and seen a lot of people using active pickups through a solid state amp, it was fine and definitely not as bad as people seem to be making it out to be.