I'm mostly a guitar player, but I've been getting back into bass a lot lately. The only problem is that my stuff is all what I first started with, a Peavey Fury V, and a Kustom... Well I can't remember the exact model because it's at my bandmates house, but it's a small 1 speaker combo with treble, bass, and volume controls. It rattles and is very muddy. The pickups sound like ****, they're incredibly insensitive. I'd like a pair of pickups that can, together, achieve clear, vibrant slap-and-pop tones, but still get that groovy, classic bass growl. I'd also like to be able to achieve a lot more clarity on my B string, so what are some suggestions for strings, too? Mine are 2 years old, and stock.

I think the amp will be okay for playing at home, my band has a really nice bass amp that I use there. I'll just be using mine for extremely low volume playing. But I'll take any suggestions.

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