So, I need a new amp. I currently have an Austin Bazaar 10W amp, which isn't that good. Now, I wanted to get a tube amp, but the only ones in my price range that excelled 100+ Watts was this and this. Is this amp good? And if not, here are some Solid States I was curious about:

Vox Valvetronix Half Stack

Fender FM 100W Head with Fender Hot Rod Deuxe Cabinet

Or if any of you could provide suggestions, that would be great. My limit is around $700-800. I'd prefer Fender, Vox, or Marshalls.
why you need 100w
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Hm, I really have no idea how loud these actually are. They were always turned down when I played them. <_<

My budget is $700-800. I play a lot, mainly Classic Rock and Punk, with some Grunge, Blues, Metal, etc.
i think you should get a marshall 100hdfx or a crate 120 flexwave
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If you're playing large gigs, a 100 watt is good.
If not, dont go any higher than 50, 30 is pretty much optimum.

What style of music do you play? What do you want from the amp?


Ok. A peavey classic 30 with a nice OD pedal to get those metal sounds would be great for you.

Otherwise, look at the 112 valveking by Peavey (NOT the 212 as it is 100 watt).
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trust me...my vk 212 makes me go deaf if I turn it past 3 xD
so you don't need 100 watts...
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i think you should get a marshall 100hdfx or a crate 120 flexwave

Oh yeah, def

Check out the Peavey classics, Mesa F series or express, Laneys. There are tons of options. You DO NOT need 100 watts and you DO NOT need a halfstck
Quote by almostinnocent
i think you should get a marshall 100hdfx and a crate 120 flexwave

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