i love jazzmasters, the sounds that some musicians can get out of these is incredible in my opinion. ive wanted one for a while, but the $1500 is kind of a lot for me to pay for one. ive seen the classic player jazzmasters for around $800, and i havent heard it, but i wondered if anyone here can give me an opinion of how it compares with the original. also, theres the j mascis signiture jazzmaster (hes one of my favoutire guitarists), but i dont think id be as likely to get that. of course, id want to try any of these before i buy them anyway, just looking for opinions. thanks.
I hear the HH Jag Special is great, someone made a thread about them a little while back. I know it's not a Jazzmaster, but it's a similar style and no-one else had replied to your thread!
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