hey guys. i'm visiting the board here to ask a few questions....

i'm trying to get started in making my own music (mainly hip hop beats). i was wondering what kind of equipment i could/should use to do such thing. what i'd be looking for is a kind of device, or computer program, that would allow me to rip samples for usage, as well as add in my own drums or beats over the samples (if i were to choose to use a sample for that particular song of course). as far as the sample "ripping" goes, i'd like a program that would allow me to sample just the vocals from the track or just the snare drum from the track or what have you. don't know if this is possible without the "master track" but it sure would be nice. i've done a little work with the program fruity loops, but was semi confused and could never figure out how to upload samples onto there. i talked with one of my friends who does some digital music of his own and he told me to look for an MPC... still not sure what this device or program is as google didn't give me much input.

if anybody has any suggestions for me or any ideas they would be GREATLY appreciated. thanks!
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4. no such program exists.
5. ...reported?
Taking a certain element (ex: vocals) of a track and seperating it from the rest of the track is impossible to do completely. There are several different techniques for removing vocals (but as I said none of them are 100% effective) If I remember correctly Phase Cancellation is one of the better methods but you need an instrumental track, but look it up and you will probably find other methods of seperating vocals from the song.
Also, I'm fairly certain using vocals from a copyrighted song is illegal unless have permission so you should probably stay away from that unless someone can tell you for sure otherwise
This sort of thing goes best in Riffs and Recordings. If you do have a thread in the Pit, either leave that, or delete it and post again in R&R

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