Starting to get the feeling that this place isn't for me. Somehow every other thread i make seems to be closed due to violation of rules that aren't even written. That and just the general "this thread sucks" attitude of a lot of people here is starting to get me down.

Anyone know of any good places (preferably music related) that are a bit less dumbed down and don't go for the whole "family site" thing? (seriously, who actually brings their kids on here? and why should us adults suffer?).

This isn't intended as a rant or flame, i just want some recommendations. It will probably be closed anyway though.
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
I suggest you read the rules and follow them. Perhaps then your threads won't be closed.

If not you are welcome to go find other forums, but don't expect us to help you with that.
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