Is it any good? I'm looking for a new amp head that has good cleans, but can also do hard rock and metal too.....I had my eye on a marshall vintage modern, mesa boogie (not sure which one), or a fender super sonic. I'm not sure what to get and if there's a better choice just tell me. My price range is up to $2,000.
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I have one and I think it is good.

I tested a few different heads before getting it (it came down to the Supersonic and the Orange Rockerverb 50).

The cleans are great, and if you're running the head into a 2x12 or 4x12 you will have A LOT of headroom. This can be good and bad, as to get the Bassman breaking up you've got to be louder than most gigs will allow you to be. The amp is LOUD. I rarely go above 2.5 at a gig (thats not mic'd either). I don't use the vibrolux channel at all, even though you can get some classic sounds from it.

The Burn channel can get pretty close to "mesa" type tones. I use a strat and it can pump out the hard rock and metal. With humbuckers you're going to get a pretty thick sounds from it. It also has amazing sustain in the Burn channel, and put a Tubescreamer in front and it sings.

No reverb sucks but a lot of heads are like that these days.

I would test one out before you buy, but I've loved the thing since I got it. It's very versatile.
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I'm not really a fan of the Supersonic. Even with the Bassman setting on it sounded too bright. Most Fenders are pretty bright but this one was "overly" trebley. The gain on it is pretty decent though. It probably won't do metal though. Maybe if you push it hard enough and use a decent overdrive/boost it could get into that territory, but it won't sound like a Randall.

Don't get a Vintage Modern. Marshalls today really don't sound as good as the ones you're hearing on classic records. Get an amp from Ceriatone or Splawn or Metro (if you really don't have a budget). They really do make better Marshalls than Marshall does.
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