Digitech whammy pedal any substitute to a Floyd Rose bridge?

Im mainly talking about the Divebomb setting.

Cause im looking to get a new guitar and id love a Zakk Wlyde Bullseye Epiphone LP, thing is id also love a Dean From Hell.

I play metal, but i LOVE experimental music, Morello, buckethead etc. etc. Ive been playing over 2 years and i wonder if a Digitech whammy pedal 4 is a decent alternative to a floyd rose, cause i restring every month and change tunings all the time, which will be a nightmare on a floyd.

.........and yeah im getting a tube amp soon \m/


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It doesn't sound the same at all in my opinion, with a whammy pedal the change in pitch is much smoother and you also don't get the change in tone that slack strings give you.
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It would sound different but if you're into Morello and experimental sh!t then the whammy would be a good choice especially if you're gonna be changing tunings all the time.

Congrats on the tube amp
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2 different sounds, both of them can be good but a crybaby is no sub for a trem system by any means, just listen to "like a stone" by audioslave the solo at the end, you would have a hard time getting it to sound that smooth without an octave pedal, and then listen to the dive bombs on evh eruption.