My Amp is a Fender Frontman 15G and my Pedal is a Digitech Hothead Distortion

I have 2 questions : Is this a good sounding combination with the right settings

and what are a the best settings for my amp and pedal for a graet soloing sound and a very heavy metal sound

Thanks in advance
Man, that's a pretty opinion-based question you're asking. You gotta find that stuff out for yourself to your own likings, you won't get very many answers for that kind of thing here.
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I use a fender front man for practice ,on the amp i would probably put the bass all the way up,the mid on about 4 and the treble around 9,some people like the treble really low but i like it up for doing leads,but the distortion pedal im not familiar with,just tweak it until you ge a sound you like