Hi guys,

I know I'm making a lot of threads but I'm new here and recently had a new breath of addiction given to my guitar playing as a result of loads of free time and as such I was looking for a new guitar to increase the range of sounds I could get.

I already have two mid-range guitars, both from the PRS SE series, the Tremonti and the Santana and I was looking at getting something with a floyd rose in it so I could use it properly (as the Santana goes out of tune after just a couple of dives and the Tremonti has a stoptail)......I've tried both Jacksons and ESPs and vastly preferred ESPs.

My question is what would you recommend from the LTD-ESP series, I'm looking to spend between 300-400 GBP, maybe about 700 USD. I would be using this for mainly metal, Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Metallica etc. So what would you guys recommend? From my own researh I was looking at either the Alexi-200 or the M-200FM.....but I wasn't sure as I've never owned anything but a traditional shaped guitar and thought it might be awkward to play the Alexi sitting down due to it's shape

Cheers for your advice
It might be a slight stretch, but try an Ibanez RG1570. The Edge Pro is better than an OFR IMHO. If you don't like that, then I'd go with the M-200, V's suck trying to play sitting down.
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It might be a slight stretch, but try an Ibanez RG1570. The Edge Pro is better than an OFR IMHO. If you don't like that, then I'd go with the M-200, V's suck trying to play sitting down.

You put the bottom wing under your leg and the top wing above it.

It very comfortable.
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I don't think a floyd would be good for you, just because of that fact that you change tunings (i.e Metallica: Standard, COB: Drop C) So unless you want to keep another guitar in some tunings it might not be best. Also as for the guitars you listed, the alexi has a bolt on neck, and imo V's with bolt on necks are very hard to get the upper frets. Also the hardwear quality on the 2 esp will most likely not last long, due to that they are of the 200 series. But just get what you like.
Yeah i know, but I still don't find it as comfortable as the regular guitar. I'd say try 'em out and see for yourself. Some people like V's sitting down, but I'm not one of them.
Ibanez RG570 circa 1993
Ibanez S2020XAV
Carvin DC127
EVH 5153 50w
Orange PPC112
Thanks for your advice and I thought that might be the case with the V shape.....I had a look at the Ibanez, but the cheapest I've seen it is £500, which is £100 over budget, so unless anyone knows of any cheap guitar shops in the UK it looks like the M200.

Anyone got any other models they could recommend?
Maybe get a jackson dinky, they are $650ish

Maybe try out something from the M series.

Like M, MH, or MH-NT

The EC-500 is nice, it has emgs too.
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Oh and with regards to tunings, I would get it set up for one and leave it in that.....I was just giving bands I like so people had an idea of my taste in music. I would probably leave it in standard for Metallica etc, the Tremonti is already kept in drop C and then I would use the Santana for classic rock, blues and such

and yeah I will got and try the guitars out, to see if I can be comfy using the V as it does look pretty badass.....and the guy that said about the poor hardware of the ESPs, is this a problems specifically with ESPs or are you just referring to cheaper guitars in general......I don't have the money to go more expensive as I'm a student and term restarts in a month or so I'm only gonna get poorer
At the moment I'm leaning more to the M200 as for only £30 more than the Alexi it has neck-through construction, which unless I'm mistaken, is pretty much always better?

And to the people that recommended Ibanez I would have to go and have a sit down and play, is there a model in my price range which would have EMGs and no pickguard?
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your not going to find a guitar with EMG's that are good in them for your budget

I thought that would be the case! What are the pickups in that Ibanez like, so far it has the huge benefit of being about £100 cheaper, I'll definately head down to my local store (The Guitar Village) and have a play

Thanks for your advice
Oh and a quick general question about all these guitars, the trems on them, I realise aren't original Floyd Roses, they're either licensed or something else......my question is will they keep in tune well enough for it to be used properly? i.e. repeated dives and yanks (couldn't think of a better word for when you pull up)
Licensed FRs may require more frequent fine-tuning, but I'm pretty sure that Jackson and ESPs have pretty decent licensed trems. The Edge III (Ibanez) is considered to be a poor trem because it does not last very long.

I'd have to say though, if you already have two mid range guitars, you may want to save a bit more money and get a high end LTD or maybe an ESP MII (since you seem to like ESP) The OFR, Neck-Thru, EMGs and quality hard ware would be worth the wait, but if you really want a guitar now, go for it.
I would love to save up for a guitar like that, but there is no way that I'm gonna have that kind of money anytime over the next few years...the student life, whilst a great one, is not one known for having a great deal of disposable income......

Assuming there is no way I could afford a more expensive guitar would you then say the M200 was a good bet?
How long is the edge 3 supposed to last? ive had mine about 8 months and have had no problems with it.
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Price range?
Anyways, if you're interested in an LTD still, I recommend you to check out the MH-1000 series. They're well playing guitars, IMO.
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read his post idoits, he said his budget...

He can always atleast check out used guitars. Alot of used guitars are mint anyways, and sell for alot cheaper than new. We've read the post. Thanks.
Well Alexi models only have 1 pickup and that just pisses me off for some reason
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Thanks for all your help guys....

and I would love the MH1000, but it's a couple of hundred out of my price range.....does anyone know anywhere in the UK that's good for picking up 2nd hand guitars? Of course there's always ebay, but I'm skeptical about buying something as precious as a guitar from there......
I visited a local guitar shop today to try out a couple of guitars, and since they had no ESPs I had a go on a couple of Ibanez.....I had a go on the S470DX which felt nice to me, it's not a great shop so I wasn't able to play through a nice amp to get a good idea of sound, but what's the general feeling towards this guitar? good? bad?

The bloke in the shop also said that the bridge, which was called a zero tolerance (or zero return or something similar), was a lot easier to set up and change strings on than a floyd rose whilst still staying in tune.....anyone got an opinion on this?
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Cheers again guys, I plan on heading to the biggest local shop around here tomorrow and trying out everything in my price range so hopefully I will just find something my hands fall in love with!