hey this is my first time in the acoustics and classical guitar forum since i have a question. i was in vacation in Mexico when i went into an all acoustic guitar shop. i was playing a guitar and was blown away with the sound. so i was talking to the store owner and he was telling me all the guitars there were custom and that he could make me one just like that for 10000 Mexican Pesos (roughly 1000 USD).
So honestly, i'm not much of an acoustic guy. i have a takamine that serves me well if i ever go camping or dont have an amp. so i dont really need this guitar.
but what struck me about this was that i was made of brazillian rosewood. if my memory serves me right, thats one of the most sought after woods for guitars in the US, since its illegal to be imported here. So i was thinking that maybe i can make a little cash if i get a custom from him and then sell it in the US for a little profit.

here are the specs that i remember:
Body -- brazilian rosewood
Fretboard -- ebony
Tuners made of ivory
could have a horn cut, optional
custom name on headstock -- thinking "La Bella" (which is "the beautiful in english)
handmade in mexico

thats all that i can remember, if you need any more details i can probably ask my dad if he remembers anything else.

so my question is...is it worth it? it costs 1000USD to make, could i sell it for more in the US?

other questions -- what other woods are better than the ones i listed? because he can exchange woods if i want different ones. the price may go up, but if the guitars value goes up as well, i'm all in for it.

--is the singlecut idea a plus or a minus in the guitars value? i personally like a cut body but since i'm not gonna be playing it, my preference doesnt matter.

thanks a bunch i really need this info
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that sonds pretty cool...but first you need to make sure that someone would be willing to pay more than 1000 dollars, because then youre stuck with it....
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but i'm just wondering if someone were to sell it, would it be more than 1000 dollars in the US? i'm pretty sure through ebay and craigslist if the price is right, then there would be someone wanting to buy it. but if i cant sell it for a good profit, i dont think its worth the trouble.
It all depends on the overall quality of the guitar (1) and how lucky you get as a seller (2).

1. You could give me some Brazilian Rosewood, Ebony, and Adirondack Spruce planks and I couldn't make you a guitar that sounded good at all. You could give the same wood to your guy in Mexico and the guitar might sound OK. You could give the same wood to another luthier and the guitar might sound amazing. Who knows.

2. Anything is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.

Honestly I don't think this is a very good idea. There is a lot of risk involved, and the chances are great that you'll lose money or just maybe break even and waste a bunch of time. Typically a guitar made from Brazilian Rosewood will sell for well over $1000, but people are going to be considerably less likely to buy a guitar made by someone they haven't ever heard of.