so Saturday I went to guitar center. Not many people were in there and I had the bass section to myself so I had some fun. I had the EQ flat on everything to get a taste of how it sounds.

Warwick $$ > Ampeg SVT Classic/810
Looked great, felt solid and comfortable. I liked the small body. I was very disappointed in the sound. For its price I expected to be blown away but I wasn't. I put it back after about 10 mins.

EBMM Sterling > Ampeg SVT Classic/810
It felt solid and comfortable like my Sterling. But compared to my Sterling there was not a huge difference. The action was a little high. It sounded and felt just about the same.

Modulus Flea Bass (5 String) > Ampeg SVT Classic/810
The funk unlimited, haha. First 5 string I've ever played which was pretty cool. It sounded like a Stingray, but not quite as nice. I didn't like the neck but it too was solid and comfortable. Action was a little high, it didn't have the Flea Bass bite I was hoping for.

Squier VM Jazz Bass > Ampeg SVT Classic/810
Perfect action. Sounded liked a jazz. Neck felt nice and overall it felt very solid. I liked it soooo much much much much more than my VM P. I'd suggest it to anybody who wants a great bass on a budget.

Ampeg SVT Classic/810
Everything flat. I didn't have it very loud, bedroom practice volume. I truly did not enjoy the sound. I know tube heads sound good cranked up but for being THE OMG AMPEG that everybody raves about I was not impressed.

So by now I was a little bored with the Ampeg. So I moved over and plugged a Jaguar into a GK head I have never seen or heard about before. I took a picture for you guys

GK Goldline 500?
It sounded great. Classic GK sound. I had it at bedroom practice volume and everything flat. I was very impressed since everybody says how bad the Goldline is. It sounded VERY similar to my rig.

I looked on the wall. Nothing really jumped out at me, then I saw the Fender Jaguar in red.

Fender Jaguar Bass
Perfect action. I didn't like all the knobs and stuff, but it sounded like a jazz. The body was comfortable. The neck had a nice feel but I noticed a inlay was a little messed up. I liked this bass a lot.

After spending 2 hours at guitar center I decided I like GK more than Ampeg and Fender CIJ basses are ftw.
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you mean..... you didnt buy anything!!! wow lol
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Oh, I bought a pack of picks lol

damn you Miss G!!!! lol
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the lord of sexyness...
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you mean..... you didnt buy anything!!! wow lol

That must have taken some real restraint...

EDIT:the conversation obviously left me behind with this one.
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Japanese Fenders are great - they're my favourites below the Am Dlx.

Corvettes sound better with single coils, IMO.
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Oh, I bought a pack of picks lol

Two hours trying out mostly $1300+ basses and amps, and buying a bag of pics. That's exactly how I like to use GC myself! Well done

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I love getting the bass section at GC to my self.

Yes, I hate it when there's a person there who listens to what you play and then tries to play something fancier in the exact same style, again and again and again.

Damn you guitar shop virtuoso!
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Corvettes sound better with single coils, IMO.

This I have also noticed. Warwicks have that awesome growl, and humbuckers kinda flatten that out... there are basically two reasons to play a Warwick, the feel of the neck, and the Warwick tone. Putting a 'bucker on it removes one of those reasons. You're only really getting half the Warwick experience with a $$ Corvette, in my opinion.

And I'm not anti-humbucker in any way.
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Yeah I like humbuckers, but if you want the signature Warwick tone you're better off without them.
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Fender CIJ basses are ftw.

That's exactly how i feel. I don't think i will ever buy an MIA fender, there is no need to!

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz
Warwick Corvette $$
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SWR Triad

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I wanted to try a standard Corvette but the $$ really turned me off Warwicks. Maybe next time.