Just thought I'd give you a link to my bands myspace profile. We've been writing music for about a year and have just finished up our debut EP

We think we have got some great material and would love it if you checked us out or gave us a comment.


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Final new song has been uploaded " Silence, Atlast ".

All comments and feedback would be greatly appriciated and thanks to everyone who has listened so far.
It beats everything else i've heard on this forum recently... but that's not saying much. It's chill, it reminds me somewhat of The Album Leaf. My one critique is that some times you guys get a little off beat from each other and the guitar doesn't sound that great tone wise, you could benefit from something like a dotted 8th note delay and maybe a better amp. But otherwise your stuff is really good stuff.

P.s. what kind of amp do you use?
Thanks for the compliments and the critiques. I'm using a Line 6 Spider 3 at the moment. The tone and timings are the things we would love to work on but we had limited recording time. Plus we're only 15, i'm sure that will come eventually.

Thanks again for listening and replying
And i'm looking into some real good guitar pedals, hopefully I can get some good delay from that.
We are working on new material now, i'll add the new songs to our myspace as soon as we get them finished

Please keep listening peeps
Thanks for the comment and the myspace add.

And yer, there are only 2 of us. It's a little difficult when we have 5+ instruments in a song but we do our best
lol kk. More ppl shud listn 2 this band imo. But i hear some mistakes lol Still its rly gd

We are trying to get noticed a bit more. A part from posting here im stuck on ideas of how 2 get this band noticed.

Can anyone help??
We have got our first gig now. The details are on our Myspace page. We're playing with some great local bands!

Please keep listening and spread the word!!!

Just got some new artwork done by an artist called Steven Gregory for our EP.

It's great, please check it out.