Because I feel it was unjustly locked, I will remake this thread until I get a logical, reasonable answer for why the original was locked.

I figured it might be fun to use the ArtPad.com thing from the "I made you a picture" thread to make a "Who is That Pokemon" style 'game'.

While you can't really win, it could sprout some awesome pictures.
But, yes, there are Basic Guidelines.

1) No repeatedly doing Mudkip. Once is enough.
2) Only use Pokemon from the Red-Blue and Silver-Gold Games for now. I don't know any of the new ones, and They don't count in my mind anyway. The Ruby-Saphire ones will pass, but don't use them excessively.
3) See if you can guess the Pokemon before the picture finishes.
4) No Porn.
5) Do not post with just the name of the previous Pokemon, its illogical, and will get this locked.

I'll start with this one.

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I suggest nicola teslas powered radiation death ray mounted on an orange, top secret, neo-nazi flying swastika

if your thread it locked or closed, don't repost it.

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