Right my lovely girlfriend has put a spanner in the works for my first build and tells me im not allowed to use the spare bedroom as a workshop, because its too messy etc. I have been relegated to a concrete hut, which is literally 3 foot by 8 foot. I would have to take electricity from an extention cable for power including lighting (and heating!?!). We dont have a garage.

Is there any way i can get round this..i was thinking of getting a local crafter to bandsaw my body and i can use a handheld router and maybe have room for 1 sander if i move stuff in and out.
Time to get a new g/f, I think. All you can do is probably run extension cords and use outlet strips to power lights and tools. Sounds like a lot of d!cking around to me.
cant really she makes the majority of the money, what are musicians without girlfriends?!? Homeless.