Hey guys, I was just playing through my Laney vc30 and all of a sudden the connection sort of broke off and on for a while and now even though the amp is still on no sound is coming out. I at first assumed that it was the cable, so i switched it with a different one, still no luck.

Do i need to replace the tubes? Or did some circuitry mess up? my guitar circuitry must be fine since i just tried a different amp and it plays fine.
Try plugging it in somewhere else in the house, you never know.

if still nothing, take it to a shop.
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if the connection was coming off and on, its probably a loose connection, usually the input jack. Check that out. If that isnt the culprit, take it to a pro.
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Yeah I'd assume it was an input jack. Did you hear a pop, or did it just stop making sound?

If it cut in and out, I'd assume it isn't a blown tube...I agree with Handlerb. It's probably fudged up input.
i've had the amp since about january and i have not had the tubes replaced before.