I play guitar and im getting a bass, and i have a few questions.

#1. If a 100w guitar amp has 100w before distortion, will a 100w bass amp be loud enough cut through a guitar amp w/ distortion.

#2. I play punk rock to hard rock and i was thinking about getting a 150 fender bassman ($450) and a Fender P bass ($450), i wanted mark hoppus bass but its $730 so i might just get the same pickups it has, but anyway i wanted other bass players opinions on my set up idea.

My budget is around $900 because im trying to get one as soon as i can.
1) u need around 3 times the guitarists wattage
2) nice bass and amp
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1. no, but if your guitar player has a 100w amp cranked, smack the hell out of him/her.

2. Great idea with putting the quarter pounder in a MIM P-bass, and it's easy to find a used mexican p-bass so you can spend even more money on your amp , the hoppus bass is a waste of money, though the paint jobs are cool.
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#1. No, but if your guitarist turns down you may have a chance. For similar or the same volume, you'll need at least 250 watts.

#2 The P-bass is a good choice, but if your guitarist is going to turn up, get this amp, if you can get a hold of one:

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yeah the hoppus bass is just a gimmick really. They just make a p bass but with a jazz bass's body, stuck his name on and jacked the price up. Just go for a standard fender and put some quarter pound pickups in it.

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Probably. Most solid-state amps don't sound good at their max volume; that's why people get tube amps, for the tone and the fact that they sound good (even better) at high volume...they're also quite a bit more expensive though.
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Yeah, but a 1x15 cab will give you more of a booming bass sound; for punch, you'd want a 2x10 or 4x10 cab. It'll depend on your EQ as well though.
If you give a man a fire, he'll be warm for an hour.
If you set a man on fire, he'll be warm the rest of his life.