prly the deth theme. or bloodrocuted.
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I wish. I can only do some of it. Then again I barley even looked at it. Try Go Into The Water? Maybe?
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Hey everyone, SMOKE WEED!

It's raining blood from a lacerated sky.

awaken (mustacrakish) or castriktikon.

actually im worng its Go into the water. that is the easist song they have
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What the hell? F8 doesn't do anything interesting This toy is lame

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duncan hills coffe jingle...really easy and the solo will come as all solos do
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I submitted a sweet Duncan Hills tab (that was actually correct) and it got rejected. I was so mad about it that I forgot all the Dethklok songs I knew.

That said, Hatredcopter.
Thx everyone one more question anyone know the note played on metalocalypse when dethklok swears.