I got a new RP250 but since Im kind if new to everything I wanted to ask how can I create a good distortion on it. For example I want to play little sister by queens of the stone age.
Here it says distortion and its on, then Im not sure which type should I use?
Scream, oddriv, dod250, rodent, mxdist, msdist, grunge, zone, death, gonklt, fuzz, or big pi?
Just try each one until it sounds right. It's been a while since I've heard the song, but try fuzz and big pi. I think the guitar's pretty fuzzy, but I don't know how well the RP250 replicates that.
don't bump after 7 ****ing minutes, jeez. But yea, try the big pi. And just fiddle around. The point in cheap multi effects is to play with it.