I want to see if this works on anyone besides me.

What you need:
A good Imagination
A song you like

Here's how it works. Listen to the song, then, if you see something in your head while its playing, write down what it is here. You don't have to go into great detail, just give the basic idea.

Here is mine.

Arch Enemy-Dead Eyes see no Future

What I see:
An epic montage of people fighting with swords, and I mean epic. There are 2 main ones fighting and the rest are just in their own battles.

There, now its your turn. There are no restrictions, just try to be serious.
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Lazarus by Porcupine Tree
Alright, it starts with some guy driving through some boring towns, it's foggy, but the moon cuts through the fog. Then some guy's going into a valley, telling everyone to follow him. People Attack him, but he survives, then the world becomes colorful.
Guy from before carrying some other guy.