Well b-day present. i was toying around with it at gc and i liked it so my dad went ahead and gt it. happy birthday to me. thoughts on it? i got 30 days to mess with it if i dont like it. comments concerns?
its a good effects pedal but iwouldve gotten the 250 since it has the expression pedal and an assload more presets.
They're not all that great, but they're just fine for messing around with effects to see what you like and would want to get in single pedal form in the future.
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your going to want to get individual pedals in the future but what you got now is going to sound great for a while until your ears hear the difference in the rp and an individual pedal
m is the 250 really that much better?? im playin it through a squier strat and a frontman 15g.... my dad didnt wanna let me get an amp or a guitar yet. one more year...... im thinkin of slappin some humbuckers into my guitar to make it a little better. (i like rock and metal) would that be a good idea? or just wait for the new guitar?
yeah wait on a new guitar, i have the rp150 as well and you can get some really decent rhythm hard rock/80's metal tones out of it and some good cleans but thats about it. i havent really been able to dial in a lead tone that hasnt been quite thin sounding.

for a cheap pedal to go with a squire its good though, usb line in recording, and headphone output are both big pluses, i find it sounds better when you have the output set for a mixer as well
it's the same thing dude, just more presets and options and an expression pedal.

i wouldn't worry about too many effects and humbuckers. I would put my money into a new amp and then guitar. But since you have the 150 you might as well keep it cause it will make that Frontman sound better.

alright thats kinda what i figured.. you guys all pretty much said things that i figured would be said. cuz if i put good pickups into my squier.... i could buy another squier... oh well. the rp sounds alright through the amp and i can even plug into my computer without usb haha. (radioshack)... anyways thanks guys.
i have similar gear and worked off a Frontman and RP for some time. Still do, just not as much. Nothing wrong with a Squier either. Personally, I don't think new pups will make much difference on that amp. Been thar done that.

ok thanks. im just pluggin it into my computer right now though.. night time = amp is too loud and crackly. Parents will be angry ill be in trouble... etc. etc.. its soundin pretty alright though. and i can play along with my itunes =). hooray
oh no i mean i plugged it into my comp with a little adapter. its a radioshack 1/4 to 1/8 inch. its cool. so i cant do the xedit yet. only when i get a usb. i might not even get one though hehe this radioshack thing does a good job.