ok so i have a lot of noise coming from my pedal board even if all of the pedals are off. They are all being powered by a Dunlop DC Brick except for the Line 6 DL4 but it is plugged into the same power strip. It may just be because I have quite a few pedals but I though someone on here might be able to tell me how to order them better or something I need to buy.
the order is
G&L Legacy or Epi Les Paul Quilt Top > Ernie ball VP Jr. > modded Crybaby wah true bypass > Keeley modded ts9dx (flexi) > Visual Sounds Jekyll and Hyde (old red version) > Boss Super Shifter > Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter Tremolo > Mxr Phase 90 > Line 6 DL4 delay > BBE Sonic Stomp > Seymour Duncan pickup Booster > jcm 800 4210

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Could be a dodgy cable, or just bad cables in general.

Also could be the DC Brick (I've heard it is a bit noisy).

Try building your board up pedal by pedal and check whether it is a bad pedal also.
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THE DC-BRICK IS A DAISY CHAIN IN A BOX. People seriously need to know this.

If you want no hum, you want a power supply like a Fuel Tank, Pedal Power 2+, BBE Supa Charger, Gator G-Bus or a Juicebox.
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wow i really wish I would have known that before I bought the dc brick.