Hello i was thinking to buy a multi effects processor. my max budget is probably max 300 dollars can go used. What is the best simple processor which is good for mainly metal and which has some good clean and average effects etc. The only good processor in my mind are Boss processors. What you recommend?
i'd go with a Boss ME-50 if you're looking for multi fx
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I dont plan to use effects but i thought its not a bad idea to have them probably i will use all when i get it xD i use a roland micro cube but i can change it and i now play at home. (and btw the pod is very expensive in my country so how is boss me-50?)
I suggest you probably save up a little more and look into single effects, after really establishing what sound you want. While a multi-effect will help you wiht that process, often a little research will do the same, because everyone I know ends up hating multi-effects boxes anyway. If you get anyhintg, look at a POD on Ebay, that is probably the best aside from TC Electronics but look into single effects. You won't need many effects for metal.
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i would check out the pod xt live

+1 That thing rocks.
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I would reccomend investing in a better amplifier first

Personally I do not like multi-fx. They do alot of things mediocre but not one thing astonishing. Most people buy them thinking they will use all the multitudes of FX and preamps ... but than they plug in and end up not liking every tone they hear and only use a select few of them.

Microcubes don't take multi-fx well man. Most modelling SS amps do not (that means VOX AVTs and Line6 Spiders)

If you're playing mainly metal you'd be better off saving up for a good tube amp and buying a chorus or delay pedal. Most Metal artists do not use much more than wah or OD.
I agree. It sounds like you really need a better amp more than you need effects. Maybe a bigger Cube if you like Roland's products.
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I will change the roland and please dont suggest me a tube amp i live in an apartment and i just dont like loud noise...I know a multi effects unit is not the best but im not a professional and i just want something to have fun with maybe later when i understand which effects are good for me i can buy them seperate with a good amp. so thanks but for now just advise me some multi effects...in my country used me-50 s are cheap so should i go with them?
If you want to record look for USB. The new Digitech RP series have USB audio. The Line 6 Pod series have it. MultiFX with Amp/Cab simulation (most of them) sound good through a PA. You can even play them with your stereo, which is great for an apartment.

If you are mostly metal then both the Pod and Digitech RP are good choices.
Ok thanks but dunno why digitech seems too cheap to me which models you prefer of digitech? and damn the pod xt live is a lot more expensive than even gt 10 in my country.
If you are into recording the GNX4 is a great unit because of the 8 Track recorder, computer connectivity, and midi playback for accompaniment. The lower end RP350/250 units are decent and have newer technology. I have a GNX3 that has the 8 track recorder and like it for that purpose. The Boss and Pod series don't have rhythm machines. Depends on what features you want.
Im not in recording a lot and i guess i dont want to spend a lot of money...is a 15 watt ss amp with boss me-50 is fine for practising?
Sure it is. But a rhythm machine is an excellent practice tool. You should get an RP250 or RP350 if you are tight on money.