Yer this is one of my new pieces
Aim here wasnt to be ultra technical just get a bit of melody in and a deep beatdown.
Its sorta carnifex, abrb, winds of plague, whitechapel esque.
Crit is good but i dont wanna here no this aint proper death metall crap or just any outright abuse its just a lil sad realy
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
This isn't really my genre, but i like the lead that comes in at 35 or so, it gets kinda repetitive and the double bass seems almost impossible at some parts. Lyrics would probably help the repititive parts, I like how it changes at 240, the drums make it seem cooler. The guitar at 4:00 is a big change but it fits well.

Overall I'd give it a 7/10
Good work!


Yes, poop.
Thanks for the crit.

Starts out well enough, I like that first melody that comes in.

The part that follows directly after feels a little too obnoxious for me. The drums are incredibly loud, can't really hear the guitars all that well either.

The part directly after with the acoustic(?) melody is definitely cool.

Can't say I cared much for the whole spanish sounding matador type part, it just went on too long, and I didn't really feel that the two parts went all that well together.

The end where you bring in the melody and all the other instruments is really great. Loved that part.

Overall there were a lot of cool rhythms going on here, some really nice melodies as well, but a lot of the time I found the drums to be really overbearing, and many sections of the song felt kind of empty and in need of filling out. Still it was a good piece.
Cheers guys.
Matt, i know what you mean about the double bass drumming but if you listen to guys like job for a cowboy, carnifex and the faceless the drumming on the albums will blow your mind.

Icronic, i can see exactly where youre coming from, and i have to say i agree with you about the obnoxious riff its just that i write my to some extent to stick to the conventions within the deathcore genre which i reside, meaning i have to dumb down some of the riffs and ideas for those less musically adept fans of the genre and also mean having over the top drums smothering most of my riffs.

Thanks much for the advice anyhows bless
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
Well, not my favourite genre, but I´ll give you a crit. Nice Intro Riff, nice work on the drums, athough they seem to drive their way through the song, try to put some dynamics in there. Not too fond on the Tremolo picked parts, they were just to ....generic. Same goes with the ****load of breakdowns you got in there. They may all sound nice, but it seems like they aren´t new. Nice outro, although its a repetition of the intro? I´d give it a 6.5/10. This piece lacks orginality.
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Cheers again for the crit,
I have attached the gp5 and 4 for HorizonsOfChaos' request.
Watch out for FLOODS exploding onto the UK Deathcore scene this summer.
I really liked the beggining. The first riff went on a little too long though, and it was pretty generic. The second riff was gold though.

I did not like the tremelo picking part. It was way to standard. Blast beats behind tremelo picking is the most boring thing you can do to be honest. Try to put, a brutal, but memorable riff there.

Wow 17 was prett wierd lol. Even when the chugs came in.

I do like the riff at 26 though.

39 was sick dude. Great riff.

42 = headbanging awesomeness.

53 was really generic. Plus the bass drum was playing really fast lol.

55 was SWEET. But you didin't really transition into it very well, you know what I mean?

63 was totally awesome dude. Like really awesome.

So yeah there were some bits of this that were great and some that were just totally generic. But I'll give it a 8/10. You should try to record this.
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