What is the best setup type to use for effects if you are using a direct box into a PA? Right now the setup I have is as follows: Mark Tremonti Power Wah -> TS7 -> Boss Ds-1 (modded) -> Boss CE-5 -> Boss DD-6

The distortion sounds not so good and I have to use the boss as a boost cause its so bad, any suggestions on gear to make this sound better? Basically if there is a distortion pedal/eq/compressor to solve this problem I'd like some suggestions.

Buying an amp and micing it over the PA is out of the question, I just don't have the funds and it's really hard.

Sounds I need to have: Floydish Lead Work, Blues, Crunchy Rock Rhythm, Clean Chorus, Heavy Sounding Punk Distortion
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First off tubescreamers are for tube amps arent they, second id try a couple of digitech distortions thrugh your type of setup and get the one you like. A slight comp might make your boss dist sound better, id keep that in mind.

Take some of your stuff like guitar and pedals to a guitar store (if they let you) and have a play with some other pedals to see if they fit.

hope that helps.
id suggest a something thats made for that, single pedals arent.

Id try a line 6 pod of some sort
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that setup is not ment for direct out..

For that you wpuld need an amp modellor with speaker emulation like the Tech21 sansamp or the damage control demonizer..