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so i finally tried the acclaimed runescape.. I played for about an hour, and i don't know what all the excitement about. I just lost an hour that I could have spent playing stairway and fapping. thanks runescape, for taking my fap/stairway time. assholes..
I played that game for the better part of a year once...I'm ashamed.
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they took your fapping time?! those bastards!!
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i used to play that in like 6th grade. im happy to say that i have moved on now.
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i thought itwas hidiously boring after the first 2 times playing ...imagine all those kids playing runescape cuda been playing guitar and they wud b masters my now
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also played no more than an hour on that. bs imho. I rather play old PS and Sega games if we talk gaming, 'cause I sure rather play guitar than any of these options.
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Played for like 2 minutes to see what the hype was about got ****ing confused and laughed at the Level 100 or w/e at the amount of life they wasted
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Runescape is ****

I know this one kid who got a Runescape 'Premium' account or something for his birthday. His parents play runescape as well and apparently his grandad does too...
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so i finally tried the acclaimed runescape.. I played for about an hour, and i don't know what all the excitement about. I just lost an hour that I could have spent playing stairway and fapping. thanks runescape, for taking my fap/stairway time. assholes..

Runescape is not the facepalm in that story.
The excitement? That game's drawn nothing but critisim to itself for the last 4 or so years.
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played runescape for a bit. it paled in comparison to Graal. GRAAL.

that gamed rocked til they made it p2p
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i used to be so addicted to this game i stopped playing guitar just to raise my range level

thank god those days are over
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I used to play it when i was younger, and I liked it then.

and I don't feel ashamed in any way that I liked it

now it's fun helping my brother show off at his friends by giving him stuff from my lv. 100 account
a pleasure that is no longer possible due to all anti-scam propaganda

I'd like to play it still if they've only hadn't removed the free market.
now every price in the game is set by jagex

/ nerdyness
You like it
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I have no interest in playing that.

My brother tried out Runescape. He was was walking along and was attacked suddenly. He was almost overcome but a man named Tiggle Fig yelled, "Hey look, that mugger is killing a noob!" and jumped into to the rescue. I found that hilarious.

My brother quit playing after a wizard jumped out of the bushes and blew him away before he could react.
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It was amazing when I was 12.

similiar to disney porn
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I remember when I was really young, I had a wet dream in which i was being dragged along an urban countryside by a pickup truck.
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similiar to disney porn

Oh, thank GOD I'm not the only one.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM

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similiar to disney porn

Ahh yes, disney porn. I remember that from the runescape days. It took the song "A Whole New World" to a different level.
Dude they're bringing back fucing pking!!!!!!!!!!! Not just wilderness pking but pking anywhere like in the old RSC days!!11 I'm gonna start playing again when it comes back lol
I'll probably skip Runescape and play the new MMO that the people behind AdventureQuest/DragonFable/MechQuest are making. They managed to make a semi-3d MMORPG done entirely in flash, and they're releasing the Beta tomorrow for people who are Dragon Amulet Holders / Star Captains / Guardians. I'm all three
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Im ashamed to say I spend most of a year playing that but I got banned for doing something really stupid like saying prick or something
.....Stairway? Really?

He's laughing at YOU.
You better click that bastard.

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My friends were flat out obsessed with Runescape in 7th grade. I ****ing hated it. You pressed a button to fight and then you watched your guy lose or win. You had no say in the combat aside from what skills and equipment you had. To gain skills, you went around clicking on enemies to watch your character fight them. To get better weapons, you went to a mine and clicked on stuff and then went to a silversmith or something and clicked. All you ****ing did was click on ****.

tl;dr - Runescape sucks major donkey dick
i tried to play it atleast 3 times
for about 5 minutes but then i quit because i felt a little too homosexual
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good luck.

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fuck yea i got sigged

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I really regret playing that game when I was in 9th grade I wasted soooo much time on it....
add me if you wish...
Oh god ...
I wasted years of my life playing that game. Though getting into guitar really helped me stop.

It's pretty funny though, my account was level 108, no black marks, had never been banned/muted/hacked ... Then I traded my account to some kid in my grade a few months ago for a PSP + 4 games . Needless to say, he was an idiot. He got muted, and then lost the account to a hacker in less than a month.
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played runescape for a bit. it paled in comparison to Graal. GRAAL.

that gamed rocked til they made it p2p


I loved Graal back in the day! The community was so close-knit. I probably knew you :P.

I played runescape for 5 minutes and thought it was stupid.

Now WoW... That's a time consuming game.
I kinda like it, it gives me something to do. And by the way..It takes a while for it to be can't just start out and have a whole lot of fun.
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Never played it. Any good?? lol
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